Saturday, May 4, 2013

:: DIY :: Waist Drop Dress

Before                                               After
Since I am only 5'2 (almost),its not as easy to find drop waist dresses that go well for my body type.To add to it,I have a pretty akwrd body and need some effort when it comes to certain dresses.

Anyway,I got this Prabal Gurung waist drop dress sometime back in Febuary.I bought it and thought of returning them because the fit was not right for me.However,that never happened.Laziness took over and this dress had been lying in my closet corner until this morning when I decided to alter them.

Basically,I was not content with the way the sleeves hung.They looked loose on me and also the length of it was not right for my height.I dont have a picture of me wearing the "before" picture but I can tell you that it looked like I wore a hand me down waist drop dress.It was way below my knees.
Things Required:
a pair of scissors
matching thread
sewing needles

All I did was cut the sleeves and did simple hemming.

I carefully measured the length of the dress and determined where exactly I wanted the skirt to fall.
Did the chop chop chop and attached the skirt to the top portion.

It's not rocket science at all.I'd say if you have the basic sewing skills,you'd be able to do it easily.

DIYing after ages....feels GOOOD :)
:::Happy Saturday:::

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