Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy at home.

Green velvet bow tie.
Pink bow rubber band.
Pink bow w/pin.
Pink bow tie.
Btw,those are not red.They are pink.

Yesterday,I saw a friend buying one of those bow 

rubber bands 
and it cost her $14!!!
These cost me only some minutes...   :-)))))

I love how this turned out!

I just had to do something with all the fabric that was lying around.
I simply recycled the fabrics that my sister had used for her sewing projects.

As for this denim shorts.I just sewed some fabric underneath.

I also made a comforter cover today.
Its really easy to make.All you do is just get two flat bed sheets of the same size and stitch them together on the sides,top and bottom-leaving a little space in between on the top to get the comforter in.
Trust me,it was super easy!!! I had some brand new flat bed sheets and needed a new comforter cover.
I know am being lazy and giving too little info.If you are interested,you can let me know and I will explain in details.I promise!

I am so glad I did not go out today.Felt very productive after ages-hehhehe.

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